Let The Flames Begin

From a song to a brand, to a tattoo.

I had always wanted a tattoo since I got into rock music in 2009. I’d always look at people who got tattoos and thought to myself that one day I’d be like that. On February 16th, 2018, my website went online, and on March 9th, I got my first tattoo. The fact that I’m talking about my first tattoo on my own website is so surreal.

I named my first tattoo FlameBegins, which is the username of my photography sites, my brand, and my identity. People have always wondered about the meaning behind this name. It is one of my favourite songs called Let The Flames Begin by Paramore. It was one of the very first songs that got me into Paramore and rock music. The band changed my life for the better. So much better. Their music was there for me through the darkest and worst time of my life. The meaning of the song, for me, is about hope. It is about never giving up.

The tattoo itself is my hands protecting the flame. The flame means the start of my photography career, which totally changed my life. The flame also means hope and life for me, meaning that I will always try my best to be positive, hold my hopes, and keep my life going.

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