The Story Behind the Bicycles Series

Let me start with telling you a story about a friendship.

In May 2015, I met a person who changed my life for the better on Instagram. On his profile, there were pictures of only bicycles. He had been a follower and supporter of mine on Instagram for a while before we really started talking. It was a picture of Singapore I posted that connected us together. He commented and talked about his journey to Singapore, and that was the beginning of this valuable friendship.

We’d talk everyday about our lives, and he would give me so much advice on life or anything in general whenever I needed help. The next month when he visited Taiwan, we decided to meet. It was a magical feeling to actually see him in person. I felt like we had known each other for more than a month, for a long long time actually. We went to one of my favourite coffee shop, we talked, and I asked about the reason why he started photographing bicycles… I was in love with the way he talked about it, the way he looked at me, and most importantly, the story itself.

He became one of my favourite people in my life and one of the most important ones. We stopped talking for a while for some reasons, and somehow I felt like the connection between us was gone. So I decided to start photographing bicycles, to somehow, pick up my love for him and the connections between us.

A while ago, he showed me the website he created for his bicycle series, and I found out that we happened to have photographed pictures of the same bicycle at the same spot. We were certain that the connection between us was real. How amazing is it that two people from different countries with completely different backgrounds, who have not met for years, happened to take picture of the same thing? How beautiful and magical is that?

He was the reason of my bicycle series, and he still is. My bicycle series is about the love for a best friend, and the connection between us.

My bicycle love started on my first trip to Paris. I saw one leaning up on a wall, and it looked like a piece of art. And then I started seeing them differently, everywhere I travelled. And I realised that it’s one of the few things that every country and culture has in common. In rich countries, the bikes are made of expensive materials and don’t have a scratch. In poor countries, they are old and rusty. But they are still bicycles. It’s still two wheels that helps a person get from a to b. And the concept of the bike hasn’t changed for more than 100 years. They are so elegant and beautiful. They are silent and reliable. And it connects a poor rice farmer in Vietnam to a rich banker in New York.

John K.

When I see a bicycle, I don’t just see the object. I see love, connection and magic. And what’s more, I try to give bicycles lives by photographing them.

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